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haha yeah

Dec 18, 2019

on this SEASON 1 FINALE of Huuueh, we smanck are asses down on the Last Patio and enjoy a contemplative round of big boy sudoku together. what is in hyperlinks massive burlap sack? what is a twitter handle? where are we going? we end seasons 1 of the show with these answers and many more :) we love u

Dec 8, 2019

in this one of "Heugh" we enter the cafeteria, uncover the true nature of monkey in the middle, and disocver the ways in which an onion is like a weapon. we also introduce "Mr. Pringle's", a character who will be featured in all futures episode of this show. Tahks

Dec 1, 2019

welcome to this week’s haha yeah. i’d ask you to please say the words “haha. yeah…” out loud, as wistfully as you can. sometimes things are “haha! yeah!”. but not always. this week we touch on things like grief and death, we talk about intense stuff, we talk about spiderland too. it was a cathartic...

Nov 24, 2019

On this one of “hup ha hyaa" we are fuckin up some haikus n trundling on down into the caverns of abject fear to get Worshed. you will be Worshed forever r if you listen to this one and shine like a nickel when The Man enters your room’s and blocks their exits

Nov 17, 2019

in this particularly gamer - themed episode of "hehe hoho", Hyli and sel open the dev console and noclip thru their sleep schedules to achieve a world record candidate run of the show. I f orgot to put the mpn tag at the end but other than that its good imo lol

supreme thanks to @ian@notonmastod.on for editing the shit...