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haha yeah

Mar 29, 2020

this week on "the old magic is dead", we're honkering down in the haha yeah bouncy castle headquarters, reading sel's notebook, and helping people if we can


Includes Past Sadness by Kevin MacLeod

Mar 16, 2020

in this one of "hell", purely silly energy is uncorked. look deeply inside yourself as we discover the truths of swaddling and make inflammatory statements about fabric softener

Mar 8, 2020

This week of "woowoowoowoo", we're becoming very quite small indeed, openin the door to the trunkless tree and confronting our haters and skeptics with mc donalds lore. a nice chill episode wouldnt you agree

Mar 2, 2020

IN this one of "he ha vote", ive got two eyes so i should be able to see both the internet and the sky.