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haha yeah

Nov 24, 2019

On this one of “hup ha hyaa" we are fuckin up some haikus n trundling on down into the caverns of abject fear to get Worshed. you will be Worshed forever r if you listen to this one and shine like a nickel when The Man enters your room’s and blocks their exits

Nov 17, 2019

in this particularly gamer - themed episode of "hehe hoho", Hyli and sel open the dev console and noclip thru their sleep schedules to achieve a world record candidate run of the show. I f orgot to put the mpn tag at the end but other than that its good imo lol

supreme thanks to @ian@notonmastod.on for editing the shit...

Nov 10, 2019

on this “hehe yeha" we are schluffing off the plastic, coating our entire bodies in salt, and prostrating ourselfs before the wide ass altar of “Real talk”. sometimes its time to goof and sometimes its time to interrogate queer life and this time its time for both

featuring a selection from this article by Kai...

Nov 3, 2019

in this special presebtnation of " Hehe yes" we charge YOU the listener with the responsibility of destroying all pyramids. i will be honest w u dog there are more mario sound effects than normal in this 1 just letting u kno

special shouts to and