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haha yeah

Oct 27, 2019

CW: the first minute and 15 seconds are eating noises

in this episode of 'the ha ha yeah," all the light's go dim and our eyes turn hyperrealistic and blood red and you are so scared. Ha ha, Spooked ya!!!!! its acutally a nice n calm "Halloween episode" as hyper link and sel on web talk about magic tricks and cash...

Oct 20, 2019

in this " ha ha yeah' we take you on a mind boggling audio journey taht you will never forget. and also hyperlink becomes bane (Bane Hyperlink [Baperlink]) which is really nice for him

special shout out for linkalert

Oct 12, 2019

live from the googles amphitheater, we are tryin a little something different on "Ha ha yeah..".... which is 1.) making lot's of money, and 2  haveing a lot of feelings :) 🏄‍♀️

special thakns to and B)

Oct 6, 2019

ITS GARFIE BABY!!!   mastodon dot social user and kind friend  "Garfiald" contribute's a whole mess of questions for Hypers link and Sel of web to chew over. Its generally a fun time. uwu

content warning for described violence when we talk about the film "Old yeller"

special thanks to and...

Oct 5, 2019

hypers link and Frickin sel are BACK to talk about a little frog that wink's and eat some wretched hummus. listen 2 the end of this one imo mite b somethin good

special shout out /